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Out of respect for individual choices about health, we will not ask you your vaccine status, or for your vaccine passport. However, we do not want to put you or ourselves at undue risk from infectious diseases. In light of the recent pandemic, we are reducing class sizes or increasing venue sizes, so that we can better accommodate physical spacing. Personal procedure masks are not required for classroom participation, but they are recommended. Instructional techniques have been adapted to reduce potential spread of droplets. Hand sanitizer is available.  

We are all trying our best to keep our community safe. If you are ill, or have been exposed to a symptomatic person, contact your instructor. Please do not attend the class if you are symptomatic. Fees will be credited to the next available course, or refunded.  

Please, be kind, and take care of each other.

Responsive Instructors can can help you learn basic life-saving skills, renew your first aid skills, or even advance your professional practice.  The course you need may depend upon your goals,  local legislation, your professional requirements, how much time you have to commit to your first-aid education can all factor into which course is right for you.  

At Responsive First Aid Training, we are able to meet the learning needs of a wide variety of participants.  We offer courses from a  4-hour CPR-A to the 40-hour Emergency Care (First Responder) program for Firefighters.  We specialize in customized Wilderness First Aid courses for recreationalists, as well as for Search and Rescue Volunteers and Professional Guides.

Responsive First Aid is also a Red Cross First Aid Instructor Development Centre (IDC).  If you are a qualified and experienced first aid attendant and would like to continue to up your game, teaching may just be the hone that gives you the edge you desire.

Let us help you achieve your goals.

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Certified Red Cross Training & Instructor



Save a life!

"Surviving Cardiac Arrest is about bystanders knowing what to do and starting compressions!"  

Push Hard, Push Fast!  

New CPR is simple and effective.  It is the only chance to save a person in cardiac arrest.  Ambulance Paramedics cannot be everywhere, so they need you to give them a chance, buying your patient time, until more advanced life support can arrive. 

Learn how to stave off death, and give your paramedics a fighting chance.  Learn CP.  Sign up now.


Be Ready to Respond!

Our goal is to teach you the life saving skills to respond to emergencies, at home, on the job, and in the community.  You will learn to recognize an emergency, when to call emergency services, and how to help the ill and injured.  Follow this link to find the course that best addresses your learning needs or required qualifications.

First Aid Kit
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Teaching & Train First Responders

Your community needs more trained First Responders to handle the load, or perhaps you want to up your game and be a better First Responder yourself. Teaching is a good way to master a skill, and help lead your department to excellence. Is it time to share your experience with others and better serve your neighbours?

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  • Learn the tools of Red Cross instruction

    Starts May 27
    450 Canadian dollars

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  • Teach Wilderness or BLS, & train First Responders in your Fire Dept.

    Starts Jun 3
    450 Canadian dollars

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  • Skills for Outdoor Leaders, Volunteers, and Professionals

    Starts Jun 23
    283 Canadian dollars

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  • Designed for anyone who works, or plays in the great outdoors.

    Starts Jun 16
    283.50 Canadian dollars

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Responsive First Aid Training is based out of Nelson, BC.  Training is delivered to clients in Nelson and in communities throughout the East and West Kootenay.
Please be clear about the site of your class session as these vary from week to week, depending on site availability.

1977 Loff Rd, Castlegar, BC V1N 4M9

(250) 354 7241

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