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Responsive First Aid has been delivering first aid training and certification in the Kootenays since 2006

Wilderness courses are specifically designed to help participants to cope with the added stress of a wilderness incident.  They prepare you for the challenges it takes to communicate and coordinate help from professional responders. Whereas these are not specifically survival, leadership, or navigation courses, participants are expected to bring these skills, proportional to the course.

If you require a Standard First Aid certification for your professional accreditation, then these courses will surpass that minimum.  In British Columbia, WorkSafeBC does not recognize any wilderness first aid as Occupational First Aid (OFA).



This is a 20-hour course for participants who travel, work, or recreate in end-of-the-road, off-road, or slack-country/trail activities for day trips and weekends with smaller groups. This is not considered a leadership course.

We cover all of the topics of a Standard First Aid program, with CPR-C and AED, plus there are chapters on basic back-country communications, rescue, and enhanced chapters on environmental injuries, poisons, and specific wilderness threats, and extended care for up to 24-hours. 

At least 25% of this course is outdoors, so you will need appropriate clothing and a suitable day-pack.  No prerequisites are required.


This is a 40-hour course for those backcountry enthusiasts taking a larger role in trip management and leadership.

Good candidates for this course are participants in larger group sizes, trips of greater duration, and more remote destinations and SAR members.  The course covers everything in the remote course, but in greater depth and in a more scenario-driven environment.

Candidates will experience using their skills in realistic simulations and thereby gain greater confidence. The confidence that is required in a crisis. 

Candidates should be prepared to be outdoors, regardless of the weather, for about 50% of the course time, dressed appropriately and with a leadership daypack.  No prerequisites are required

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Helicopter Rescue


This new 80-hour course is designed for experienced wilderness recreationists, Guides, Ski-patrollers, Search and Rescue team leaders, and other wilderness professionals who can anticipate executing back-country rescues, extrications, and patient transport. 

Participants will learn to be part of a team performing organized wilderness rescue.  Additional elements of this course include training in the use of specialized equipment, leadership skills, and expectation to provide care, communications, and decision making in a non-traditional environment. 

Backcountry navigation and intermediate survival skills are expected. 

This course meets ACMG requirements for guides.  CPR-C is a prerequisite.

Bridging is available to re-certify your skill set from a Remote First Aid to a Wilderness Certification by attending a bridging course within one year of certification.

Bridging courses for specific groups may be also available from EMR, or FR, to a Wilderness FR certification.

Ready to sign up for one of our courses? Have more questions about our First Aid courses?
Text or call Darcey at 250-354-7241

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